The Communications Division is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the City of Greenville. The Communications Division answers all calls for police, fire, and medical emergencies in the City of Greenville and dispatches approximately 95,000 calls for service per year.

Communications follows the standards and guidelines of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO).
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The Communications Division has become one of the most technologically advanced police/fire communications centers in the Upstate by having equipment for computer aided dispatching, interoperable radio equipment, reverse 911 capabilities, and the public safety camera system.

The technological advancements aid operators in the performance of the duty to provide efficient services to the public and first responders and it requires employees who have the ability to understand and utilize these advanced systems.

Community Outreach Team


We are committed to ongoing and proactive communication with our neighborhoods, businesses and community based organizations to strengthen our public safety practices and programs to ensure the Greenville Police Department is working toward responding to and reducing the fear of crime.


Build, strengthen and sustain community relationships and open communications with respect, equality and trust.
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  • Strengthen relationships and build opportunities for open communications and dialogues between the Greenville Police Department and Greenville’s geographic and demographic communities.
  • Increase participation of individuals from the community for a working partnership with the Greenville Police Department on public safety issues.
  • Respond to community concerns in an honest, timely and respectful fashion.
  • Enhance the public confidence and trust in the Greenville Police Department.