Special Event Management Division

A couple sharing a turkey leg at Fall for Greenville
  1. Event Calendar

    View all of the special events permitted in the city of Greenville.

    1. Event Permits

      Check out the different permits required for different kinds of events in Greenville, South Carolina. For example, if you with to host a major event, you are required to fill out Application A - Regular Form.

      1. Event Sponsorship

        The City of Greenville Special Events Division strives to provide the community with a diverse selection of events and entertainment choices. Get involved with sponsorship and volunteering.

        1. Volunteers

          Find out how easy it is to volunteer for events in Greenville, South Carolina. Just fill out a quick application where you can select the event of your choice and you will be emailed prior to the event about details. Or learn about how your group or organization can get involved!