Bus Route Changes

New Trolley Routes Going Into Effect Summer 2017: 
  • In an effort to expand service beyond the Central Business District, Greenlink will soon add two additional trolleys to its fleet. The expanded service is expected to begin this summer and will feature two new routes, and modify the existing Main Street route - creating a total of four trolley routes. Because a portion of the funding for the new trolleys will come from tourism related taxes, the new routes have been designed to provide access to restaurants, retail, parks and leisure activities.

Beginning January 2, 2017, the following changes will go into effect for Route 14:

  • Existing stops on Millennium Blvd and Innovation Drive will now be for passengers traveling inbound towards Downtown Greenville only (in green on the map below)
  • New stops will be installed directly across the street from these existing stops for outbound travel towards Mauldin and Simpsonville (in purple on the map below)
  • Stop located at the BP gas station at 2900 Laurens Road will no longer be serviced (circled in red on the map below)

On September 19, 2016, Greenlink implemented the following changes to Route 1:

  • Traveling inbound (towards downtown) on Pleasantburg Drive, Route 1 will now continue as follows (shown in GREEN on map below):
    • Turn RIGHT onto West Antrim Drive
    • Turn LEFT onto Frederick Street
    • STOP at the Greenville Tech Buck Mickel Center*
    • STOP at SHARE*
    • STOP at the intersection of Frederick Street and McAlister Road*
    • Turn RIGHT onto McAlister Road

*Indicates a new stop (shown with STARS on map below)

  • The following stops will no longer be served (circled in YELLOW on map below):
    • Pleasantburg Drive across the street from the University Center
    • Legrand Boulevard near the Coin Laundry

On July 5, 2016, Greenlink implemented the following changes

Route 8:

  • Most stops along Route 8 will now be serviced by the new Circulator route
  • The following Route 8 stops will no longer be served:
    • Mall Connector Rd & Fluor Daniel Dr
    • Halton Rd & Congaree Rd
    • Congaree Rd & Webb Rd
    • Block Congaree Rd & Roper Mtn Rd
    • Verdae Blvd & Rockly Slope Rd
Route 12:

  • Route 12 will now serve as the direct connection between the downtown Transit Center and Haywood Mall
  • ITT Tech and the Hand Surgery Center will no longer be served
Route 14:

  • Route 14 will now stop at CU-ICAR on both inbound and outbound trips
  • University Center will no longer be served
CU-ICAR/St. Francis Shuttle and the Clemson Connector:

  • Routes will be consolidated to service CU-ICAR, University Center, Haywood Mall, Patewood, St. Francis Eastside, Waterside Greene Apartments, and St. Francis Millenium
  • This new Circulator route will not connect to downtown Greenville. Connections to downtown can occur at CU-ICAR (Route 14) or Haywood Mall (Route 12)
  • Transfers between the Circulator and Route 12 and transfers between the Circulator and Route 14 are waived. Make sure you indicate to your driver that you need a transfer ticket between these routes

Other changes:

  • The following routes will no longer make deviated stops in an effort to keep buses on schedule and avoid delays:
    • Route 3 - Removal of the stop at Furman University Herring Center
    • Route 3 - Removal of the stop at Stallings Road
    • Route 10 - Removal of the stop at Donaldson Center