Fire Station 1

Located at the intersection of Verdae Boulevard and Old Sulphur Springs Road

 A boom in residential and commercial development in the area, combined with the resulting strain on the City’s six existing fire stations, led to the decision to build a new station on the city’s east side.

Verdae Development donated the 2.6-acre site, and in 2014, City Council approved a four-mill tax increase to support the construction of the station, the staffing of 12 firefighters and the purchase of fire apparatus. The new station will serve the CU-ICAR, Verdae Boulevard and Woodruff Road areas.

New Station Features

First floor: 9,488  sq. ft., with three bays 
Second floor: 4,146 sq. ft.
Police annex for the officers working that side of the city 
One engine and one rescue truck will be assigned 
12 firefighters will be assigned to the station: one captain, two lieutenants, three fire specialists, six firefighters
The three-bay station will allow for additional equipment storage space
Rescue props for confined space training, anchor points and a manhole prop
Direct capture exhaust system for firefighter safety and an air fill station for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)