Cops on the Court

Police officers holding basketballs
Cops on the Court is an innovative, interactive basketball program in which Greenville Police Department officers, dressed in gym clothes, play basketball with community youth in an effort to improve community relationships and provide mentoring to at-risk youth.
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Cops on the Court’s goals are to:
  • Build trust and understanding between at-risk youth and police officers by bringing youth into regular contact with police officers in a positive and neutral setting
  • Keep kids off the streets and out of trouble by providing them with a positive alternative and meaningful connections to positive role models
  • Curtail neighborhood crime, violence, and gang participation


Cops on the Court would not be possible without the support of donors and businesses who assist with the needs of the program, including food donations, gift cards, and monetary support. If you or your organization would like to support Cops on the Court or one of the other GRAVITY programs with a donation or by becoming a partner, please contact us.