Swamp Rabbit Trail Interactive Map

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 22-mile multi-use (walking and bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River, an old railroad corridor and City parks to connect Travelers Rest with the City of Greenville, South Carolina.

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The Swamp Rabbit Interactive Map was inventoried, photographed and developed by the City of Greenville GIS Division, with support from the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Greenville County Recreation District. Its purpose is to aid everyone - from out-of-town visitors interested in experiencing the Swamp Rabbit Trail to regular trail users - by providing useful trip-planning information. The map is especially content-rich inside the City of Greenville — featuring trail amenities and points of interest, as well as special considerations for a safe experience. Photos, IPIX 360 degree images, and audio are available at select locations. This web map is accessible from all types of devices and operating systems.
Swamp Rabbit Trail directional sign

Using the Swamp Rabbit Interactive Map

We recommend using a standard internet Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari for pre-trip planning. Go directly to the map and bookmark it for future reference.


Not all types of the available map features are displayed immediately. Some turn off and on based on the map extent of your current view. Others need to be turned on by the user. Be sure to go to LAYERA to turn on viewing additional information such as water fountains, bike lanes and rack, ATMs, etc. which otherwise would not be seen. Turn on the Aerial Photography background for an even richer experience. Jump directly to a section of the trail by selecting a BOOKMARK.

On-Trail Use with a Smartphone

Taking it On the Trail requires downloading a free mobile application to convert the map functionality to view on a variety of mobile devices. For iPhone and iPad devices, go to the iTunes App Store and search for the ArcGIS application and install it to your device. For Android devices go to the Google Play Store and search for the ArcGIS application and install it on your device.

After you have installed the application, open ArcGIS and use the search tool to find "Swamp Rabbit." Select the map to immediately view or add to your favorites for future reference. Activate the GPS functionality of your device to dynamically reference your location on the map to determine trail system mile markers or other amenities close by. Select a point of interest to listen to an audio description.

For more information you can view an iTunes preview, view an Android preview, or view the iPhone Quickstart Guide (PDF).