Emergency Information

During severe weather events and other emergency situations, you’ll find timely information and updates here to help you and your family stay safe. We also encourage you to follow the City on Facebook and Twitter, and to subscribe to our Emergency Alert feature, which enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations.

If you’re unsure whether you live in the City, please use the Property Locator Application to decide.
  1. Down Trees & Limbs
  2. Useful Phone Numbers
  3. Flood Safety
  4. Snow & Ice Removal


If the tree is from your yard or your neighbors yard (not from right-of-way), you should contact your insurance company.

If the tree fell from the right-of-way into your yard, call Greenville Cares, the City's customer service call center, at 864-232-2273 and provide your name, street address, mailing address (if different) and phone number. They will contact the City's tree crew to inspect. 

If a tree or limb is in the right-of-way or in the street,
call Greenville Cares at 864-232-2273. During a weather emergency, you may call the Public Works Department directly at 864-467-4335.
Be prepared to answer the following questions:
  • Is it blocking the entire street or part of the street?
  • Is it blocking the sidewalk?
  • What is the closest address?