Campaign Signs


Candidates using campaign signs must conform to the following:
  1. Signs must be confined wholly to placement on private property with permission of the property owner. Such signs shall not be located on public property or in public street rights-of-way. A street right-of-way is generally the area between and including sidewalks, or between utility poles if sidewalks do not exist.
  2. Signs shall not be erected earlier than 60 days prior to the election or referendum to which they apply.
  3. Signs shall be removed within 5 days after the election or referendum to which they apply. Signs for candidates in a runoff election may be maintained until the final election to which the signs apply.
  4. Signs shall not exceed 6 square feet per sign face, and shall not exceed a height of 4 feet.
  5. The regulations of this subsection do not prohibit the use of billboards.
  6. Any sign painted onto or fastened to trees or utility poles located in a public right-of-way or other public property is prohibited (Sec. 19-6.6.3 and Sec. 19-6.6.2(k)).

Non-Compliant Signage

Any sign not meeting these requirements will, without additional notice, be removed by the City of Greenville right-of-way crews and/or zoning officials. For more information, contact the Planning and Development Division at 864-467-4467.