Crime Prevention Services

Crime Prevention promotes the prevention and deterrence of crime by providing information and preventative materials. Crime prevention officers work to enhance community involvement in the identification and resolution of criminal activity by the developing, implementing and maintaining community-oriented programs. These programs allow the community to take a more active role by reporting suspicious activities.

Community Involvement

Because neighborhood involvement is the key to a safe and secure community, the Greenville Police Department strives to develop and maintain positive relationships and open lines of communication with citizens in order to encourage their full participation and cooperation in crime prevention efforts. With open communication, citizens are more inclined to report crime and to inform law enforcement officials of issues affecting the safety and well-being of the community.

It is important that citizens become knowledgeable about the services provided by law enforcement and become educated in safety and crime prevention. As a result, the Greenville Police Department offers a variety of prevention programs and services through the Crime Prevention Officer, including talks and presentations for both adults and children.

To learn more about the Police Department’s crime prevention services, or to schedule a crime prevention presentation for your group or organization, call the Crime Prevention & Outreach Officer at 864-467-4714.


Have a tip on a new or old case? Call 864-23-CRIME (27463).

Crime Prevention Programs

  • Citizens Academy - (Adult)
  • Greenville Police Crime Tip Line (All Ages)

  • Safety Surveys for Businesses and Homes - (Adult)
  • Career Day Expos - (13 to Adult)
  • Tours of the Law Enforcement Center - (10 to Adult)

Crime Prevention Topics

  • Bank Robbery - (Adult)
  • Bicycle Safety - (All Ages)
  • Con Games - (Adult)
  • Drug Talk - (All Ages)
  • Gun Safety - (All Ages)
  • Halloween Safety - (All Ages)
  • Holiday Safety - (All Ages)
  • Home Security - (Adult)
  • How to Tell If Your Kids Are On Drugs - (Adult)

  • Identity Theft - (All Ages)
  • Internet Safety - (All Ages)
  • Parking Garage Safety - (Adult)
  • Peer Pressure - (10-18)
  • Personal Safety - (Adult)
  • Stranger Danger - (5-12)
  • Travel Safety - (Adult)
  • Traffic Safety - (Adult)