Community Care Program

The Community Care program is a free service offered to those persons who need periodic contact to ensure their safety and security. The contact can be made daily or just on week-days, depending on the needs of the citizen.

Citizens who are eligible for this program include:
  • Persons with life impairing disabilities
  • Persons without local contacts to check on their welfare
  • Home-bound individuals

Program Details

Each day between 9:30 and 11 a.m. the computer places an automated telephone call to check on the status of those citizens who are registered with the program. If the citizen needs no assistance, they should press the number 6 on their telephone and hang up. If they require assistance, they should press the number 9 on their telephone to request an Officer to respond to their location.

If there is no answer or the citizen hangs up without pressing a number, the system will notify the the GPD Communications Bureau who will dispatch an Officer to the citizen's home to check on the citizen. Citizens who will not be home during the time scheduled for the automated call must call the Communications Bureau (in advance if possible), to let the Bureau know they are okay so an Officer will not be sent to check on them.

For more information, or to sign up, please call the Communications Bureau at 864-271-5333.